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    SSS 1 – Super Special Stage Merlo – San Luis


    The First Super Special Stage of Xion Rally Argentina will take place in San Luis and it is expected to be a big show. It will be under the “chasing” modality, where there will be pairs running against each other with a difference of 15 seconds. The access to Villa Merlo was the chosen one to be full of fans.

    The test counts on 1,34 kilometers and it will take 2 laps. The surface is 75 % tarmac and 25 % gravel. High speed and skids in the middle of the city will make the crowd go crazy on Thursday afternoon. The crowds will meet once again a street race after Villa Carlos Paz 2010.

    Fans could see the show in the surroundings of the roundabout Access of Merlo, in the intersection of roads 1 and 5.

    Thursday, 23rd: SSS 1: 19:00


    SS 2/4 “Speedagro” Agua de Oro – Ascohinga

    (51,99 km)

    It will be as demanding as usual. Agua de Oro – Ascochinga will be a new challenge for drivers in a stage to be run the opposite way this time. The stage offers many peculiarities by being one of the most complex ones. Fast and slow sections, uphills and downhills, water splashes and thousands of turns will make this stage that has been run the opposite way three times in the history of Xion Rally Argentina. This will be a historic occasion that will link the stages of Agua de Oro – La Cumbre and La Cumbre – Ascochinga.

    The most interesting and easy to Access places to park and see the competition are close to the start of the stage in the Tres Cascadas area. You can also get Access to it through La Cumbre right in the middle of the stage. Towards the end of the stage, the best Access is placed on the Candonga road and it takes spectators right to the finish point.

    Friday, 24th: SS 2: 08:23 hrs – SS 4: 13:44 hrs

    Estimated closing time:
    Vehicles: 4 hours before the start
    Pedestrians: 2 hours before the start.


    SS 3/ 5 Villa Bustos – Tanti

    (20,31 km)

    It will be the first time in the South American round for the special stage of Villa Bustos – Tanti. It will mostly be a fast stage except for the final part where drivers will find a sand surface and a couple of water splashes.

    It will be an attractive section for fans to enjoy, not only for the start but also for the finish area where there will be public access. Likewise, the adventurous fans could get to Cosquín up to kilometer 3,700 of the stage.

    Friday, 24th: SS 3: 10:26 hrs – SS 5: 15:47 hrs

    Estimated closing time:
    Vehicles: 5 hours before the start
    Pedestrians: 2 hours before the start


    SS 6 – Super Special – “Fernet Branca” – Carlos Paz Theme Park

    (6,04 km)

    The circuit is located in a strategic access point of Villa Carlos Paz, just between the Costa Azul road and the Justiniano Posse motorway. It has only one access for fans on the Costa Azul side, a few meters away from the highway and permanently opened for spectators in and out. Right there, there will be a significant car parking lot to park cars.

    Inside the SSS facility, fans will be able to follow the action all around the external side of the track since the surface is like a giant natural grandstand.

    It is a twisted circuit, but it also has fast corners among some slower ones, a big jump and a bridge that cars might cross sideways, one above and the other below, which should be an amazing show. This year it will only take place on Friday afternoon since there will be also the other Super Special Stage of Merlo – San Luis.

    Friday, 24th: SS 6: 17:08 hrs

    Estimated closing time:
    Vehicles: 4 hours before the start
    Pedestrians: 2 hours before the start


    SS 7/9 “Fernet Branca” Capilla del Monte – San Marcos Sierra

    (23,10 km)

    It is a very technical stage that takes place in an uphill road with twisty sections Then there is a sudden downhill road towards San Marcos. With the exception of the area of Mirador, there are not many possibilities to park cars.

    It is recommended to enter the stage through the main road that leads to San Marcos and offers the best Access to the area. Once the zone is gull of spectators, it will be closed and no more people will be allowed in between the passages. Vehicles will not be allowed in and the spectators will not be able to stand in the lakeside to see the race.

    Saturday, 25th: SS 7: 08:28 hrs – SS 9: 14:54 hrs

    Estimated closing time:
    Vehicles: 4 hours before the start
    Pedestrians: 2 hours before the start


    SS 8/10 San Marcos – Characato

    (42,50 km)

    One of the novelties of Xion Rally Argentina will be special stages 8 and 10 which will present a new and very entertaining stage for Saturday. Fans could see the drivers in a varied surface where there will be wáter splashes, rivers, and fences. There will be also fast sections some of them uphill and some others downhill. No doubt this is the one we recommend the most to enjoy all the action of WRC.

    Fans who want to appreciate this stage will have several options to get to the racing roads. From La Cumbre through Cuchi Corral, to La Falda or Molinari. And also through Villa de Soto and Las Higueras. It will be in Characato where the arrival of cars could be seen.

    Saturday, 25th: SS 8: 10:11 Hrs – SS 10: 16:37 Hrs

    Estimated closing time:
    Vehicles: 24/7 AT NIGHT
    Pedestrians: 24/7 AT NIGHT


    SS 11/12 – “Volkswagen” El Cóndor – Copina

    (16,32 km)

    Once again, a classic special stage of the rally and it is usually very crowded. Therefore, it is necessary to close its access with several hours of anticipation of e the start. Furthermore, parking lots are small, so fans must walk a long way. The best access is in Copina. The evacuation of the stage will be done through roads going to Villa Carlos Paz and Bosque Alegre. There are also nice spots are located near the start. In this case, a good advice is parking the cars at El Cóndor on the edge of the road and walk 1,000 meters to the beginning of the stage.

    Following the action from the huge rocks around the area give a perfect chance to watch the competitors from high points. The stage is mostly fast and crosses the famous iron bridges hanging from canyons in a great visual show.

    Sunday, 26th: SS11: 09:18 hs / SS12: 12:08 hs

    Estimated closing time:
    Vehicles: 5 hours before the start.
     Pedestrians: 2 hours before the start

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